Three Steps to Creating Your First Web Page

If you have never had a website before, you may be wondering what to do. Exactly how does a person get their own website? The following is a brief overview of the steps you need to take to get a website that is all your own. This does not include those sites that will give you a free web page, but one that the company owns and displays advertising on. The type of website this article refers to is one that belongs to you, and you are free to do with it as you wish.

The first step is to pick a domain name

Every website has a unique address, just like every house or building does. However, these addresses are long numbers that are impractical for people to remember or use. For this reason, the unique address also has a unique name. These are called domain names, and you must decide on what you want yours to be. There are many companies where you can register your domain name. There is an annual fee associated with having this name. As long as you pay your annual fee, the domain belongs to you. Since you can’t use a name that already exists, you will need to run the name you want through a domain name search. Every domain registrar has one of these search engines, so remember to check out the name or names that you like best.

Find a web hosting service

Once you have a domain name you will need to have a company host your website. Web hosting is essentially a service provided by a company with large computers that are called servers. All of the files that make up your website are contained on this server. There is a monthly fee that is paid for this hosting service, and this fee varies from one company to another. Exactly which provider you choose will depend upon what type of website you plan on having as well as how many visitors you plan on getting. Many hosting providers will offer several tiered packages. The lowest tier will be a basic package, and this will usually be best for a beginner’s website. Once you have a web hosting service, you will need to go to your domain registration company and point your domain name to the web hosing company. When this is done, anyone typing in your domain name will be sent to your website.

Create a website

This is the toughest part. Before you begin to create a website, you must first decide on what you expect from the site. To begin with, there are two broad categories of websites: sites that you sell on and sites that you do not. Business sites that sell product online are known as eCommerce websites, and these have special requirements. In short, they need to have shopping cart capabilities. This includes displaying catalog information, taking an order, and processing payments to name only a few. If this is what you plan to do, there are web hosting companies that offer eCommerce hosting that includes easy-to-use, eCommerce, website creation software.

If you decide not to sell anything on your website, you may consider a blog format. Many hosting sites have self-building software that allows you to easily build your own blog. When you are finished, you will be able to publish your new blog or website with one click of the mouse.