The weirdest gadgets of all time

If you think you are a gadget junkie, you might want to think again! Surely, almost everyone knows about iPhones, Androids and the latest tech releases… but do you know about the weirdest gadgets ever designed? There are some bizarre and strange devices that people have ever made and we wonder what types of philosophical questions they asked themselves to find these ideas!


The YotaPhone consists of two screens… The first one is the rear view which is a proper display while the second is the back of the mobile phone which does not backlight like a normal screen. This phone is highly efficient, and uses e-ink screens which helps save power.

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Grassy Charging Station

A little nature-loving geek found the solution to organise your gadgets, while going green. The Grassy Charging Station uses artificial grass as a cushion for your mobile phones or laptops while they are charging. The cables are hidden underneath the grass, and you just need to plug your device in the base of the charging station.

EyeSee Cam

The EyeSee Cam was developed by the University of Munich, and it allows users to control the cameras by moving their eyes. This device can be used by doctors to record operations for new recruits for teaching purposes, or for game developers for more realistic video games. Plus, any video recorded on this device can mount on any type of laptops!

LED Umbrella

Developed by Think Geek, the LED Umbrella comes with a LED shaft which can light up your way when you are walking. This acts like a sort of protective device which might scare anyone who thinks of attacking you on your way. One good thing is that this umbrella is very cheap and comes in two colours!

LCD Belt Buckle

Well, this is getting weird! The LCD Belt Buckle is a belt which consists of a 320-by-240-pixel screen and supports jpg, avi, bmp and mp4 files from SD memory cards which hold a capacity of 2GB. Once launched, this belt was sold up, and the company is even planning on releasing a newer version with larger screens.

Toaster Printer

The toaster printer was created by a Swiss-based company. This device allows you to just top-load your toast like an inkjet printer one at a time, and the toaster will toast them just the way you want!