Terms & Conditions


Sour Apple Studio is a sole proprietor. By purchasing any product, downloading any freebie, or signing a proposal agreement with SAS, the client is by default agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. Please read all information carefully.

Sour Apple Studio accepts payments by credit card or e-check via Paypal. A Paypal account is not needed to complete a payment. Please note that products will not be delivered until the e-check has cleared.

Due to the digital nature of our products and services, NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason. Once a deposit is placed for a custom design, it cannot be withdrawn. Should the client decide to cancel the project, any payments already made to SAS will be forfeited. Should you place an order for a premade design and change your mind within 48 hours, please contact us immediately. If work has not yet begun on your order, you will have the option to choose a different design or upgrades. If work has already begun on your design, exchanges will not be permitted. Refunds will not be given.

Sour Apple Studio retains the intellectual copyright to ALL concepts, original graphics, derivative works, and all designs- premade and custom. Purchasing a premade design from Sour Apple Studio grants the client the license to use our graphics on your website.
Custom designs created by Sour Apple Studio are copyrighted by SAS, and still remain the intellectual property of SAS even after installed on the client site. The project fee paid to SAS for a custom design allows the client to use copyrighted images/coding on their website, but DOES NOT release images and copyright to the client, unless specified in the proposal agreement. Should the client request to obtain full copyright of the entire design, they can expect to pay a high premium.

Because intellectual copyright of all custom designs created by Sour Apple Studio remains with SAS, the client MAY NOT alter, edit or transfer design images or layouts. Should the client choose to use the custom design images on their website for any purpose not specifically specified in the proposal agreement, this is considered copyright infringement. All designs created by SAS are protected by Federal copyright law.

The credit linkback to Sour Apple Studio found at the bottom of each site design must remain intact and unaltered. If the client desires to remove the credit, a fee will be charged.

By entering a contract or sending a payment to Sour Apple Studio, the client authorizes SAS to access their hosting account, genesis account or wordpress account as needed for the purpose of installing a theme or fulfilling design services. Logins & passwords are completely private and not shared for any reason.

Sour Apple Studio is not responsible for any perceived damages or loss of content due to the products or services purchased.

Print design items are delivered as digital files. Sour Apple Studio does not provide printing services. The file will be sent via email and it will need to be printed by a printing company at the client’s expense.

Sour Apple Studio has the right to display the client’s blog, website, social media graphic, print design, or any other custom or premade product, on our website. Projects may be used in portfolios, print marketing, web advertisements, or any other use deemed necessary.

Sour Apple Studio reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. SAS chooses not to work with clients on designs that incorporate sexual content, foul language, or any subject matter that SAS does not feel comfortable with.


Once requested, a design project proposal will be drafted and delivered to you via email. The price quoted on the proposal will be valid until the “proposal validity date” specified on the proposal itself. Should the proposal validity date expire without a signature on the proposal agreement, a new proposal may be drafted and resent. The proposal details may be modified between the client and SAS until final services are specified and the price is calculated. When the final proposal is sent, it will be accompanied by a full version of my Terms & Conditions. Both documents will require a digital signature before the project is scheduled.

All design projects will provide the client with one initial concept. Should that concept be rejected, SAS will provide the client with up to two additional concepts (for a total of three concepts). The client may choose only one concept with which to move forward. After the concept is chosen, SAS will provide up to three rounds of major revisions & 3 rounds of minor revisions. A round of revision is constituted by one email/message sent to SAS with a list of change requests. It is therefore very important to carefully consider revisions and compile them into one revision request. Project completion times will be affected by the length/complexity of the revision process to no fault of SAS.

Should the client require concepts or revisions beyond what is specified in the proposal, all work will be billed at an hourly rate of $70 per hour with a 30 minute minimum.

All designs created by SAS are done so in compatibility with the most recent versions of common web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer & Firefox. During the design process, it is highly recommended that the client download the most recent versions of these browsers and view all design concepts and testing sites on a computer and not a mobile device. Once the client has signed off on the project and the design has been installed, it is understood that the website is in good working order.

Should the client require a responsive design, this request must be presented BEFORE signing the proposal agreement. Once design work has begun, the request for a responsive theme will require a new proposal and updated fee totals. All monies paid previously is forfeit and compensates SAS for work completed.

During the design process, it is important that the client responds to all correspondence in a timely manner in order to keep the design process moving. If SAS fails to receive a response from the client within 7 consecutive days, the project will be halted and moved to the back of the design schedule. If SAS does not receive a client response within 14 consecutive days, the project will be cancelled and all monies paid will be forfeit and used to compensate the designer for work completed and loss of potential income from not having contracted other projects.

After the proposal agreement has been signed, the client will receive an invoice for 50% of the project balance, or whatever deposit amount is specified in the proposal. Sour Apple Studio accepts payments processed via Paypal, however you do not need to have a Paypal account in order to make a payment. No refunds will be given for any reason.

If the invoice is not paid within three days of the invoice being sent, the proposal agreement becomes null & void and the client will no longer hold a spot in the design queue.

Due to the digital nature of design, no refunds will be given at any time for any reason. Should the client decide to withdraw from the design queue, any monies paid prior will be forfeit to SAS.

Your project timeframe will depend heavily upon the complexity of the design elements/site functionality, number of revisions necessary, and communication delays. Your project will be scheduled to begin in a particular month, and you will receive an email 5 business days before your design begins. From the design start date, you should expect to receive an initial concept of your design within 10 business days (14 consecutive days). SAS does not guarantee this timeframe and the client should be aware ahead of time that due to the subjectivity of the creative process, the designer my need more time to complete the first concept thoroughly. It is always the intention of SAS to produce the highest quality in a timely manner and will make every effort possible to meet the estimated initial concept date. Should SAS need more time, the client will receive an email notification. Should SAS need more time to produce an initial concept, no penalty or changes in project fees are applied.

Commercial fonts, custom illustrations, stock photos, stock illustrations, clip art, scrapbook kits, digital papers/embellishments, etc. are not included in any project proposal and will be billed in addition to the cost of the project detailed in the proposal agreement.

All web designs are delivered in web resolution and not print quality. Should the client need a print item, it must be produced by SAS at the fee specified in the proposal or billed by the hour.

Sour Apple Studio will provide 30 days of limited support via email for custom design clients in regards to the functionality of the website, and does not include changes to images, redesign, design additions, changes or modifications. Support also does not include website/blog content, sidebar widget assistance, or post graphics. Should the client need modifications post-installation, a new proposal will need to be drafted for the specific services required. Should the client need training for WordPress, Genesis, Blogger or Cart software, hourly Skype training is available.


Premade designs do not include a proof prior to installation. Your design will be customized with the information provided, and will be installed within the time-frame indicated. Should the client decide changes are necessary after the design has been installed, our hourly maintenance fee of $70/hour will be required. Maintenance projects will be billed in thirty minute increments.

Sour Apple Studio will provide support only for premade design coding. Support does not include design changes, replacing deleting graphics, website/blog content, sidebar widget assistance, or post graphics. Should the client need modifications post-installation, a new proposal will need to be drafted for the specific services required. Should the client need training for WordPress, Genesis, Blogger or Cart software, hourly Skype training is available. Should the client make any changes to the template/theme files or coding, Sour Apple Studio is thereby released from any responsibility for support.


The DIY designs are compatible with Blogger (blogspot) blogs and self-hosted WordPress.org blogs. They do not work if you are using WordPress.com (even if you have your own domain name). If you are paying for hosting through a hosting company for your WordPress blog, then you are self-hosted, which is compatible. If your WordPress blog is free, you have WordPress.com which is NOT compatible. Our templates also do not work with TypePad or any other blog platform besides Blogger and WordPress.org.

After you create your blog design and complete your purchase, your Blogger or WordPress theme will be created using your color, font and graphic choices. Your choices are entered by hand individually, and therefore you can expect a 24-48 hour turn-around for purchases made Sunday-Thursday. Purchases made on Fridays will be delivered on Monday.