Protecting Your Phone

As smartphones have gotten both more expensive and more common, there have been a number of attempts at protecting the small computer that is unlucky enough to be carried everywhere that we go. One of the earliest solutions was a simple plastic screen cover that would protect from coins, keys, and not much else. When it became clear that a fall of several feet could easily prove fatal a jump was made to bulky cases that were protective, if inconvenient. Now as phones are becoming slimmer and sleeker every generation, the trend is starting to revert to more minimalistic cases that often leave the entire face of the device open.

Fortunately, with this trend back towards more open cases that retain the original feel of the device, screen protectors have made a return with a whole new form. Tempered glass screen protectors are some of the toughest and most resilient protections that are available for your phone. In addition to being significantly thicker than their plastic cousins, they are made out of the same material as the screen which leaves no noticeable difference in use or feel other than the edges. In combination with a minimal case, you can get complete protection without having a device unrecognizable from the one that came out of the box.

The biggest advantage that the tempered glass screen protectors bring is definitely in the drop. Plastic protectors will still prevent most scratches from getting through, but a drop onto something or something dropping onto it will experience little to no resistance from the plastic. Glass, on the other hand, will crack in the event of a heavy impact and significantly reduce the amount of force that can go through to the screen. Of course, in a hard enough impact there won’t be anything that could have saved your poor phone from death, but for everything else glass essentially provides an additional easily replaceable screen to take the hit instead of the entire phone.

Ultimately, there are more than a few solutions to phone protection. For those of us that have trouble keeping a phone alive for at least a year, a completely enclosed, unbreakable case might be for the best. But for anyone that does not quite want to live on the edge with a completely unprotected device, tempered glass serves as a nice medium that offers significant protection while still maintaining the precisely engineered form that came out of the box. So, if you want protection that doesn’t take away from the satisfaction of handling the several hundred dollar computer that lives in your pocket, tempered glass may be the way to go.