Mobile Strategy: The Art of War

Mobile is the future and in some countries mobile phones and tablets are already the preferred form of internet access and it is set to overtake desktop access across the world in less than two years. Using tablets and smartphones on the move opens up a world of opportunities for consumers and marketing pros alike, as long as the strategy is right.

With a cohesive mobile strategy comprising a responsive website, useful or just entertaining apps, mobile advertising and customer engagement, any company can grab a share of the increasingly important mobile market.

Mobile advertising is becoming ever more sophisticated as with modern smartphones so heavily embedded in our lives the potential lead can become a paying customer with just a few clicks for some savvy sellers. Mobile marketing is relatively cheap, too, so you can go for a huge audience or a local concentration for businesses that sit within defined catchment areas.

Recent advances in the way Google views mobile performance, demoting sites that don’t have a fully mobile friendly website in its search rankings, mean that mobile internet access will gain even more impetus and the internet will eventually become tailored to a mobile-first mindset. Traditional desktop internet access is on the decline and mobile access has already taken the lead in India and other early-adopting nations, so it’s imperative to follow the market.

Apps, too, can have a huge influence on your company’s success, if used right. There’s a world of opportunity coming where shops can send vouchers to clients as they walk through the door and engage the viewer with an app that guides them to likely purchases. For more ethereal companies, apps can help consumers view and order your products in the best possible light, or they can simply entertain and build your brand following.

Driving people to the app is undoubtedly a strong way to make sales, but mobile campaigns incorporating social media can be a powerful driving force for the whole operation.

Smartphones will only get smarter and tablets will get better, so mobile marketing is set to become increasingly more important. It’s time to switch on to the mobile revolution and take advantage of a new dawn in marketing.