Helping New Musicians Build A Following

Music promotional campaigns come in many different forms, from the really expensive to those that operate on a shoestring budget. One of the key elements of music sales is to promote the artists, as this boosts the chances of members of the public going out and buying their music.

Having an identity is critical in the music business, as standing out from the competition can help to get you noticed. There is a long history of artists such as David Bowie and Kiss being able to develop a strong following directly from their image, as it becomes almost as important as the music to some fans.

Local and/or new bands can easily upload music online and promote their activities through social media, but what can they do to promote themselves and their music to an unknown audience?

Distributing a range of promotional items is an option, as it is a cost-effective and innovative way to interact with potential fans. There are a range of giveaways that offer bands or singers plenty of advertising space and the opportunity to connect with individuals who may not necessarily be aware of them.

Here are a few ideas for musicians looking to boost their following:

T-shirt giveaways

If you are an up and coming band or solo artist, the chances are that you will have some promotional t-shirts. Usually, this clothing is sold after gigs alongside CDs and other merchandise, but if you are trying to spread the word, why not hold a series of competitions offering people the chance to win branded t-shirts such as those on offer from promotional product provider 4imprint? Not only does this encourage engagement with your fans and spread the word about you as an artist, but it gives you a chance to connect with people about your music.


A bit of a catch-all term, bands will have plenty of promotional merchandise as they seek to make it to the big time. Research by theBritish Promotional Merchandise Association has found out how popular these items can be. Some 83 per cent of senior marketers said they expect to maintain or increase their spending on promotional items in the next year, with the three main benefits being that they target customers effectively (69 per cent), ensure brand messages last longer (52 per cent) and create loyalty (46 per cent). Musicians could hope to build up a following by selling or giving away promotional items.

Meeting local promoters

Of course, the best way to attract more fans is to get out there and play some gigs. A good reputation and reviews will spread like wildfire, as people will tell their friends and family about any great concerts they have been to. In order to strike up the right connections, artists should meet local promoters and see if they can get added to any bills. Once they have developed a bit of a following, they can target bigger venues and in turn, better pay.

Making it in the music business is always going to be tough and new musicians should not be afraid to create an identity. By doing so, bands and solo artists can showcase what is unique about their music and look, which will help them to be successful.