Determining Your Web Hotel Package Will Depend On Your Needs

When you are setting up a website, you will find that you will require a webhotel. This is simply space on a server where your website’s data is located. This allows people to visit your website. You require additional space if you need to keep emails, blog entries and pictures. When you are out shopping for a home for your website, you will need a provider who will not only store your data safely, but will also efficiently make it available to your Internet users whenever it is needed. The provider should also provide these storage services at the lowest prices possible.

You get to choose the storage space to fit your needs

There are webhotel packages available for sale by different providers and you get to choose what suits you depending on your needs. For most startup websites, you will find that you will need the smallest package on offer. This will give you enough storage space for your website, your blog and your email accounts. If you require more storage space, you can always switch to a bigger package.

Do not determine a webhotel package before your website has been fully designed. You determine the size of storage space you need for your website by determining the size and number of files you will need to store. If your website contains images and other such elements, determine how much space they occupy. Remember to leave additional space for log files, which can gobble up your storage space very quickly especially if yours will be a popular website.

If you are planning to have web email accounts set up for your domain, then the mails both legitimate and spam will eat up into your storage space. If your website has a database where you collect customer information and other ecommerce data, then you will probably need a bigger storage.

You should not worry, however, because an average e-commerce website can operate comfortably with sizes of between 10MB and 200MB of storage space. Chances are high you will probably find yourself with more storage space than you need. If, however, you need to reduce your storage space, reduce the number and sizes of the images used on your website. Your homepage should occupy a space of only 40kb and your other pages should not exceed 30kb each.

Choosing the safest storage space solution

It is important to choose a webhotel provider that offers the best webhotel solutions in the market in terms of security. The security of your website’s data should never be compromised. The provider should invest in high quality servers and have round-the-clock security surveillance in their server room. The server room should also be equipped with alarm systems to keep out any intruders. All your website data should be backed up into a separate offsite server just in case the primary server is compromised. The data backup should happen daily without fail to ensure that the most up-to-date data is secured.

The provider should offer you the best services to suit you whether you are an individual or business user. Regardless of whether you are an advanced user or this is your first website, the chosen webhotel  (in Sweden we spell it webbhotell) providers should give you everything you need to maintain a strong online presence.