One-to-One Classes

I offer one-to-one online training sessions for a variety of topics tailored for bloggers or aspiring web designers. Classes are scheduled and conducted via Skype at your convenience. Training sessions are not video calls, but rather I share my computer screen with you, as we talk and work our way through the topic. Classes are scheduled in 60 minute increments at a rate of $70 for the first hour, and $50 for each additional hour. I offer instruction for the following topics:

Starting A Blogger Blog:

This class is designed for the newbie. If you desire to start a blog and begin your online presence, but have no idea where to start, this session will give you the foundation you need to move forward with your online goals. We will be focusing on the Blogger platform. {1 Hour}

WordPress Basics:

This class is designed for bloggers who have chosen self-hosted WordPress as their blogging platform, but are a bit lost as to how to utilize the features of WordPress. This session will systematically cover each section of the dashboard and provide you with a good foundation as you begin your WordPress blog. Recommended for new bloggers, and those switching from Blogger (blogspot) to WordPress. {1 Hour}

Genesis Framework 101:

If you have decided to utilize the Genesis Framework as the foundation of your WordPress blog (which is the case if you are one of my clients), this class will give you a good understanding of the various features offered by Genesis. Genesis is a powerful framework that has great SEO built in and awesome functionality that lets you create a very exciting blog. {1 Hour}

Starting An E-Commerce Boutique:

In this session, we will be covering how to start your own boutique through a web host such as Shoppe Pro or Merchant Moms. We will go through the basics of setting up your site, adding products and page content, setting up your Mals-E account, utilizing product options, creating FAQs, and a variety of other topics. {2-3 Hours}

Hosting & FTP:

If you are a blog owner, or an aspiring designer, it is important to understand how website hosting works. In this class we will discuss the role of a web hosting company, the cPanel, the system of folders hosted on your server, how to use your images folder, and how to set-up and utilize FTP. We will also cover how to install a WordPress installation and how to become an affiliate of a hosting company. {1 Hour}

Blog Design- Beginning HTML & CSS:

This class is for aspiring designers who know nothing about HTML & CSS mark-up languages, but who would like to work toward the goal of becoming a blog designer and starting their own business. {2 Hours}

Blog Design- Advanced HTML & CSS:

This class builds upon the Beginning HTML & CSS class and assumes you have a basic knowledge of these mark-up languages. During the class we will be building a blog design in the Blogger or WordPress framework, depending on your skill level and/or preference. {2 Hours}

Blog Design- Designing in Photoshop:

This session will cover the various features of Photoshop that are utilized when creating web graphics. This class will discuss the tools, layers, effects and resolution and color formats. This class is NOT about using Photoshop for photos (although if requested, I can show you a few basic adjustments that can increase the quality of a photograph). *Disclaimer: I am not a photographer. This class is for illustration and web graphic creation, not for manipulating photographs. {1-2 Hours}

Blog Design Enrichment:

If you have completed the HTML & CSS courses OR are a new designer desiring to learn or polish your design skills, this class will help you accomplish that goal. This class will be tailored to your personal skill level, knowledge and goals. We can build designs, discuss specific topics, or just evaluate your current work for areas of improvement. {1-2 Hours}

Starting Your Own Design Business:

Once you are comfortable with your HTML & CSS skills and are ready to start your design business, you will need to know the ins and outs of creating your website, setting up your shopping cart (if needed), marketing your business, and setting your initial pricing. {1 Hour}

Creating Premade Designs:

This class is to teach new designers how to create and sell premade blog themes for Blogger and WordPress (based on Genesis). {2 Hours}

Q & A:

If you are a blogger or an aspiring/current designer and just have questions, this session is designed to answer your questions. You will provide a list of questions to me beforehand, so that I can evaluate the best way to conduct your session and give you a time estimate.