All You Need to Know about Personal Branding and Reputation

Personal branding and online reputation management efforts should go hand in. By mixing these two, the overall online marketing strategy is supported. Furthermore, it creates a stronger online digital footprint. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a job or marketing a brand new online business, you must build a reputation and name for yourself. Without that, people will not see you as a market leader.

Social media is one of the most important online communication tools that are available to us today. Without using the various social media platforms, it will be very difficult to build a personal brand. There are a number of resources that are beneficial for those who want to start building a personal online brand.


Registering on LinkedIn is a big step towards building a reputation. However, it is vital that the profile is 100% completed as well. Make sure that the profile is fully optimized so that other people of the same interests can’t just find you, but immediately trust in you as well. If you do not yet have a LinkedIn profile, make sure you create one. It is completely free and a great way to promote yourself or your business online. Make sure that your profile descriptions and titles use the appropriate keywords as well. This will give you a personal ranking on Google at the same time.


It simply isn’t possible anymore these days to not have a Facebook profile or page for businesses. Facebook is one of the highest ranking websites in the world, so you immediately engage in active SEO practices when you have a relevant profile. Make sure that you include as much information as possible to discuss who you are as an individual or as a business. Businesses should include addresses, set themselves up for the Check In feature and list all the services that they offer. For individuals, try to have separate ones for business and for pleasure and keep your business one more public. This means you also have to be careful about what you post, although that is true for all profiles.


Twitter is also a very powerful tool when it comes to building up your brand. It is an opportunity to quickly share information with your followers that is of interest. Again, make sure that your profile is complete and has all the necessary information. Make sure you use Twitter to build a network and that you are up to date with trending hashtags.


Blogging was the start of SEO and it is still incredibly important. You should have your personal blog, or a company blog, and use it to share information about things you know about. Do this in a personal but informative way, providing information that people actually want to hear about. Make sure that you share each and every blog post on all your social media profiles as well, including the appropriate hashtags.

Profile Pictures

Last but not least, no matter which social media channel you use, and whether it is just one or all of them, you should use the same profile picture on all of them. This way, you are creating a brand for yourself that people will start to recognize wherever they go. Consistency, be that in through your face or the logo of your store, is vital to create an identity.

These are the main social media tools, but there are many more. Increasingly, people are turning towards Pinterest and Instagram for information. You may want to consider using that as well.