4 Social Media Ad Campaign Mistakes You Need to Avoid

According to 2016 statistics, approximately 78% of the Americans have a social media profile while around 2 billion people worldwide are active social networking users. Quite naturally, marketing on the social media platform is fruitful in terms of return on investments. Therefore, social media ad campaigns have the power to strengthen your brand image but if done incorrectly, these can also cause devastating impact. Here are the top four fatal social media ad campaigns that you need to avoid in order to succeed in the complex competitive digital world:

1.    Not Identifying Your Target Audience


Not identifying your target audience is a horrifying mistake. Any advertisement is useless unless it reaches out to those people who are interested in knowing about the product or the services. Utilizing the insights and audience optimization tools are some of the useful Facebook advertising tips that you need to grasp in order to deliver well-crafted content to the preferred audience. You can now also run lead generation ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, which enables the people to show their interests by giving information through forms. Businesses can use that information to follow up the interested audiences for running highly targeted ad campaigns.

2.    Having No Strategy

Marketing without a plan is another way your campaigns can wreck havoc on your business entity. The main thing to realize here is that you social media profile must not be treated in a fashion you treat your personal profile. Firstly, you need to set your goals. Then, you need to learn who is displaying aresponsive behavior towards your social media page or profile. You need to use analytics tool, which is available on a host of social media platforms efficiently. Frame your ad campaigns around the needs of your audience. Personalize and customize the content before publishing.

3.    Not Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for the Ad Campaigns

Yes, it is one of the mistakes that you need to avoid to run successful campaigns. You need to understand the demographics of the various social media platforms before selecting your own medium for the advertisement of your products and services. You can make use of both Instagram and Facebook to boost the ad campaigns. Pinterest is a great platform for advertising household related items and it is a popular social networking for online shopping. Snapchat may be an ideal platform for targeting millennials and Generation Z. Facebook, obviously is the king of all types of ad campaigns and promotions because of its immense popularity. LinkedIn thrives in the entrepreneurial and employment related activities but is a great platform for campaigns even for bloggers, journalists, and copywriters..

4.    Using the Hashtags Incorrectly on Different Social Media Platforms

Hashtags have truly revolutionized social media. These are a great way to discover updates about the things you may be interested in on the public networks. Using hashtags correctly can significantly enhance the impact of your ad campaigns. The trending hashtags on Twitter can be seen on the left side of the stream. Do not use more than two hashtags Facebook if you want to boost your organic reach. You can use several hashtags on Instagram. You can also learn to use hashtags on LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.