Month: March 2017


Use Groupon as a Valuable Marketing Tool

If your business depends on a steady supply of consumers you may be getting frustrated trying to get them in the door. While social media is great for reaching new prospective clients and email campaigns and local advertising have their merits, in a competitive world you need to have an edge. There’s another option to get your name brand noticed: Groupon.

Groupon is an online coupon and discount website that has proven to be a major boon to businesses worldwide. Top brands such as Things Remembered have found success using the site for marketing, and when you see how it works you’ll understand why.

Groupon has nearly 50 million active customers and over 115 million app downloads. That alone is stunning: close to a 50 percent conversion rate from those who have downloaded the app! The site works on a simple premise: give people a discount on items they’re already shopping for.

That means the businesses using this tool already have an advantage: the customer has already decided to buy, they just might not be sure where their going to make the purchase. They type in their search terms and Groupon gives them a list of businesses that feature deals for what their buying. It can be narrowed down by postal code or neighborhood, type of item, or a specific store.

The user then chooses their preferred store and downloads the coupon or discount code for the item they wish to purchase. This code is then given at the time of checkout. That’s it!

Groupon can be used either in person or while shopping online. The best part just might be this: they do the selling before the customer even walks through your door, so all you need to do is perhaps help them narrow their choice of goods before you close the deal.

We’re not saying Groupon is perfect for every business, we’re just saying you should take a hard look to see if it’s right for yours. It may make a world of difference, especially if you have a business with a lot of local competition. Let the consumer’s phone make the choice!



Four Reasons to Prioritize Choosing a Domain Name for a Business

An individual who is starting a new online business has many things to accomplish before the selling begins. One of the first things on an owner’s to-do list should be to reserve domain name. Check out four reasons why it’s so important for a new business owner to secure a domain name right away.

A Starting Point for the Business

When a business owner reserves a domain name, he or she can begin to tackle the details of building the website. This means setting up the look of the website, arranging for secure checkout and writing the text that will go on the site. In addition, once an owner chooses and reserves a domain name, he or she doesn’t have to worry about another owner taking ownership of the name.

Growing a Brand

After reserving a domain name, a business owner can start to establish a reputation for excellent products and services. The most successful owners of online businesses strive to create a connection between first-rate products and the name of their company in the minds of customers. Making positive connections with shoppers and establishing an ever-growing group of loyal customers are two goals of any ambitious owner of an online store.

Connecting with Customers

After reserving a domain name, an owner can start connecting with shoppers. For instance, an owner may arrange for email marketing services to send out weekly ads for sales as well as special discounts to shoppers. Also, an owner can begin to send emails to customers who made recent purchases. These emails may contain a great coupon or an offer for free shipping to entice the customer to return to the online store. A domain name is necessary for email marketing and other types of valuable communications to begin.

Creating Anticipation for Products via Social Media

Today, many online business owners try to establish a presence on social media. They do this as an easy way to connect with people who shop in their store or stores like it. A business owner may put out an intriguing post on social media about a new product he or she has coming out. This can prompt previous customers as well as new shoppers to visit the online store. Or, an owner can use social media to answer customer questions. This is a convenient way to get information out to other shoppers who have the same inquiry. After reserving a domain name, an owner can really begin to make his or her presence known in an industry.

Finally, reserving a memorable domain name can sometimes spark fresh ideas for products. An owner may look at the name and come up with a completely new line of products for the online store. Branching out and expanding is something that all online business owners must do to succeed in their industry.