What is a Facebook Spy?

One of the most effective things that you can do for your business whether online or land-based is to make use of social media as a form of digital marketing.

You can either do this by yourself or you can make use of a marketing team.

Regardless of the option that you choose, you will need to monitor your Facebook page and what is happening to your Facebook page.

Before we continue let’s quickly speak about how you can create an effective and efficient Facebook page.

Before you can even build a business page you will need to make sure that you have the main objectives of what you want your page to achieve, for many companies this is to help increase the number of sales that the company will receive.

If you don’t clearly define your objectives you can face the option of failure, as your page will not be effective, this is a common mistake made by a lot of small business owners.

Once you have clearly defined what you want to achieve with your Facebook page it is time to set it up, now there is quite a large amount of online guides as to what you can do, and to be honest it gets complicated quickly.

The best way to set up your page is to ensure that you have your target market in mind, set the page up in a way that you can keep your customers up to date with what is happening with your business, make them feel that you want their options, i.e. make them feel involved.

You can involve your customers by creating options where they can have a say in ideas for the company.

Make use of promotion and content marketing strategies, by doing this you will be able to connect with your customer base and help improve your standings with your customers.

Use a Facebook Spy App

Maintaining a social media presence is a full-time job, which could require an extra person whose role in the company is to promote and answer questions on your social platforms.

If you choose to have a social media specialist, it is a wise option that you monitor what is happening within the platforms.

The best way to do this without breathing over your employee’s shoulder is to make us of a Facebook spy application, which can be installed on the desktop and mobile devices for convenience.

Can you get a Facebook spy app without having to root your devices?

One of the major concern with software that “spy’s” on social media platforms is that you have to root or jailbreak your devices. This is no longer an issue as most of the “spy” applications work with user’s accounts without having to gain access “illegally”.

If you are looking at increasing your businesses presence on the online market it is a good idea to create a Facebook page. To help you monitor what your page is doing while you are working you can make use of a Facebook spy application.


Three Steps to Creating Your First Web Page

If you have never had a website before, you may be wondering what to do. Exactly how does a person get their own website? The following is a brief overview of the steps you need to take to get a website that is all your own. This does not include those sites that will give you a free web page, but one that the company owns and displays advertising on. The type of website this article refers to is one that belongs to you, and you are free to do with it as you wish.

The first step is to pick a domain name

Every website has a unique address, just like every house or building does. However, these addresses are long numbers that are impractical for people to remember or use. For this reason, the unique address also has a unique name. These are called domain names, and you must decide on what you want yours to be. There are many companies where you can register your domain name. There is an annual fee associated with having this name. As long as you pay your annual fee, the domain belongs to you. Since you can’t use a name that already exists, you will need to run the name you want through a domain name search. Every domain registrar has one of these search engines, so remember to check out the name or names that you like best.

Find a web hosting service

Once you have a domain name you will need to have a company host your website. Web hosting is essentially a service provided by a company with large computers that are called servers. All of the files that make up your website are contained on this server. There is a monthly fee that is paid for this hosting service, and this fee varies from one company to another. Exactly which provider you choose will depend upon what type of website you plan on having as well as how many visitors you plan on getting. Many hosting providers will offer several tiered packages. The lowest tier will be a basic package, and this will usually be best for a beginner’s website. Once you have a web hosting service, you will need to go to your domain registration company and point your domain name to the web hosing company. When this is done, anyone typing in your domain name will be sent to your website.

Create a website

This is the toughest part. Before you begin to create a website, you must first decide on what you expect from the site. To begin with, there are two broad categories of websites: sites that you sell on and sites that you do not. Business sites that sell product online are known as eCommerce websites, and these have special requirements. In short, they need to have shopping cart capabilities. This includes displaying catalog information, taking an order, and processing payments to name only a few. If this is what you plan to do, there are web hosting companies that offer eCommerce hosting that includes easy-to-use, eCommerce, website creation software.

If you decide not to sell anything on your website, you may consider a blog format. Many hosting sites have self-building software that allows you to easily build your own blog. When you are finished, you will be able to publish your new blog or website with one click of the mouse.


4 Tips for Designing Your First Business Website

Setting up a company is a scary challenge – but it can also be one of the most rewarding things you do. Start-ups are creating new products and services all over the country, from Oxford to Manchester and beyond. If you are setting up a new company one of the first things you will need is a new website.

Nowadays, your company is largely invisible if it does not have a website. You definitely need one, but how should your website look? How should it work? Should it offer something for everyone or be select? Take a look at these ideas for how to set up a successful first website for your new company.

  1. Focus on Your Main Audience

It is tempting to put all kinds of things on your website since you are trying to attract as many customers as possible and you’re not exactly paying extra if you put in extra pages. But less is often more, particularly when you are starting out and making a reputation for yourself. Your website should immediately tell people what you do, and how. People who come to your site should clearly know why they are there. You are probably not going to attract huge numbers of visitors from searches in the beginning, so you want to spend time developing your site so when people do visit they know it’s for them.

  1. Focus on a Financial Plan

Web design Oxford experts suggest that if you are aiming to make money from a website you should make sure that you know exactly what calls to action you need on the site, and how much you need to promote products. You need to work out whether your site is directly selling goods or will act as a brand ambassador for your sales force.

  1. Write For Your Audience

Don’t get too keyed up on writing for Google in the beginning. Focus on making your site the best-designed and most informative it can be, and make it directly appeal to your audience. There are certain aspects of SEO that can be built into the site when it is being designed. Add these and then write for your audience – you can always add more keywords and specific SEO strategies later.

  1. Be Well-Designed

Make sure you know how to design a good website – or hire someone who will. And by a good website we mean working with effective design, good headings, good use of descriptions for images, and plenty of excellent text. Put together a stellar framework for your site and then you can always add and expand on it later.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net



The weirdest gadgets of all time

If you think you are a gadget junkie, you might want to think again! Surely, almost everyone knows about iPhones, Androids and the latest tech releases… but do you know about the weirdest gadgets ever designed? There are some bizarre and strange devices that people have ever made and we wonder what types of philosophical questions they asked themselves to find these ideas!


The YotaPhone consists of two screens… The first one is the rear view which is a proper display while the second is the back of the mobile phone which does not backlight like a normal screen. This phone is highly efficient, and uses e-ink screens which helps save power.

Despite this phone being weird, you can still use it to play at the best online casino – Spin and Win. Alongside the best slot games, you will also find the best casino bonuses. Live a unique gaming experience at Spin and Win Casino with a multitude of games which have already been categorised for you. You just have to register at Spin and Win casino to begin a life-changing adventure by playing slot themed on either Magic and Myth, Pirates and Treasures, Egyptians, Food and Fruits or Movie and Adventure. Alternatively, you could just choose the games by their features, their paylines or their game providers!

Grassy Charging Station

A little nature-loving geek found the solution to organise your gadgets, while going green. The Grassy Charging Station uses artificial grass as a cushion for your mobile phones or laptops while they are charging. The cables are hidden underneath the grass, and you just need to plug your device in the base of the charging station.

EyeSee Cam

The EyeSee Cam was developed by the University of Munich, and it allows users to control the cameras by moving their eyes. This device can be used by doctors to record operations for new recruits for teaching purposes, or for game developers for more realistic video games. Plus, any video recorded on this device can mount on any type of laptops!

LED Umbrella

Developed by Think Geek, the LED Umbrella comes with a LED shaft which can light up your way when you are walking. This acts like a sort of protective device which might scare anyone who thinks of attacking you on your way. One good thing is that this umbrella is very cheap and comes in two colours!

LCD Belt Buckle

Well, this is getting weird! The LCD Belt Buckle is a belt which consists of a 320-by-240-pixel screen and supports jpg, avi, bmp and mp4 files from SD memory cards which hold a capacity of 2GB. Once launched, this belt was sold up, and the company is even planning on releasing a newer version with larger screens.

Toaster Printer

The toaster printer was created by a Swiss-based company. This device allows you to just top-load your toast like an inkjet printer one at a time, and the toaster will toast them just the way you want!

How Live Chat Energizes A Website

If you are updating your website or are looking at making changes to your hosting provider, one area that has become a must for businesses with forward facing sales and customer service is live chat services.

One hosting vendor that incorporates chat options into their packages, solidcactus.com, has pointed out recently that customers that utilize chat while they make a purchasing decision are three times more likely to buy online than those that don’t.  It isn’t too hard then to take a look at the number of website visitors that you have and then correlate that with the number of pre-sales inquiries you receive by telephone.  If the number of telephone inquiries remains static over time and there are no large sales increases with additional visitors viewing your site, you would be wise to take a look at adding live chat so that you can increase the number of conversions.

Here are some good reasons that chat helps to energize a website:

Less intrusive:

As we move towards a world where people get used to shopping without voice interaction with people and the websites that they are shopping on are increasingly self-explanatory, having a chat presence is a pretty good idea because customers tend to appreciate a pop-up chat window that asks them if they have any questions during their shopping experience.  And when you do connect with them and talk to them about what they would like to buy, it will make it easier for them to make a purchasing decision.

Trying to use the telephone to accomplish the same thing can be pretty difficult, especially if the client has been using online purchasing regularly and doesn’t like interruptions.

Acts as a gateway for further communication:

On the other hand, once you have spoken to the customer using live chat on your website, chances are an exchange of data will occur that will allow you to follow up if something does go wrong.  There are plenty of clients that get started purchasing something and then have something go wrong during the cart checkout.  If you talk to them via chat, you likely have the capability of calling them back and giving them another opportunity to complete the purchase.  If those customers do not get contacted, they may never return until they need a similar item again.

A perfect, multi-option solution:

Many companies offer their customers several different options of the same product.  If you are selling wheat flour only and have only two sizes of bag to sell, there may not be much to discuss that will add value to the customer’s purchasing decision.  At the same time, if you are selling shirts that have long sleeves, short sleeves, and a hoodie version in multiple colors and different patterns, you can definitely make a difference in helping a customer make a more thoughtful purchase when you use chat.

One thing that some companies do is to model the actual purchasing decision that customers have done when they go into retail stores to buy similar products.  If they require a salesperson to show them some of the differences, then they should see a live chat option on your website so that you can earn as many sales as possible.

Small companies can use them effectively also:

Of course there are times when you look at your employee roster and realize that there is a lot of expense in trying to cover a website 24 hours a day.  Fortunately, vendors like solidcactus.com excel at providing third-party, seamless chat representatives that are trained in cross-selling and upselling.  The net result is a lower cost to cover your website and increased sales in most cases.

Live chat is one of the most important features of an ecommerce site.  When you choose your hosting provider, make sure that you find one that offers live chat capabilities in their platform.  If they can provide agents to staff your chat when you are not available, it can save you time and money.


Use Groupon as a Valuable Marketing Tool

If your business depends on a steady supply of consumers you may be getting frustrated trying to get them in the door. While social media is great for reaching new prospective clients and email campaigns and local advertising have their merits, in a competitive world you need to have an edge. There’s another option to get your name brand noticed: Groupon.

Groupon is an online coupon and discount website that has proven to be a major boon to businesses worldwide. Top brands such as Things Remembered have found success using the site for marketing, and when you see how it works you’ll understand why.

Groupon has nearly 50 million active customers and over 115 million app downloads. That alone is stunning: close to a 50 percent conversion rate from those who have downloaded the app! The site works on a simple premise: give people a discount on items they’re already shopping for.

That means the businesses using this tool already have an advantage: the customer has already decided to buy, they just might not be sure where their going to make the purchase. They type in their search terms and Groupon gives them a list of businesses that feature deals for what their buying. It can be narrowed down by postal code or neighborhood, type of item, or a specific store.

The user then chooses their preferred store and downloads the coupon or discount code for the item they wish to purchase. This code is then given at the time of checkout. That’s it!

Groupon can be used either in person or while shopping online. The best part just might be this: they do the selling before the customer even walks through your door, so all you need to do is perhaps help them narrow their choice of goods before you close the deal.

We’re not saying Groupon is perfect for every business, we’re just saying you should take a hard look to see if it’s right for yours. It may make a world of difference, especially if you have a business with a lot of local competition. Let the consumer’s phone make the choice!



Four Reasons to Prioritize Choosing a Domain Name for a Business

An individual who is starting a new online business has many things to accomplish before the selling begins. One of the first things on an owner’s to-do list should be to reserve domain name. Check out four reasons why it’s so important for a new business owner to secure a domain name right away.

A Starting Point for the Business

When a business owner reserves a domain name, he or she can begin to tackle the details of building the website. This means setting up the look of the website, arranging for secure checkout and writing the text that will go on the site. In addition, once an owner chooses and reserves a domain name, he or she doesn’t have to worry about another owner taking ownership of the name.

Growing a Brand

After reserving a domain name, a business owner can start to establish a reputation for excellent products and services. The most successful owners of online businesses strive to create a connection between first-rate products and the name of their company in the minds of customers. Making positive connections with shoppers and establishing an ever-growing group of loyal customers are two goals of any ambitious owner of an online store.

Connecting with Customers

After reserving a domain name, an owner can start connecting with shoppers. For instance, an owner may arrange for email marketing services to send out weekly ads for sales as well as special discounts to shoppers. Also, an owner can begin to send emails to customers who made recent purchases. These emails may contain a great coupon or an offer for free shipping to entice the customer to return to the online store. A domain name is necessary for email marketing and other types of valuable communications to begin.

Creating Anticipation for Products via Social Media

Today, many online business owners try to establish a presence on social media. They do this as an easy way to connect with people who shop in their store or stores like it. A business owner may put out an intriguing post on social media about a new product he or she has coming out. This can prompt previous customers as well as new shoppers to visit the online store. Or, an owner can use social media to answer customer questions. This is a convenient way to get information out to other shoppers who have the same inquiry. After reserving a domain name, an owner can really begin to make his or her presence known in an industry.

Finally, reserving a memorable domain name can sometimes spark fresh ideas for products. An owner may look at the name and come up with a completely new line of products for the online store. Branching out and expanding is something that all online business owners must do to succeed in their industry.


4 Social Media Ad Campaign Mistakes You Need to Avoid

According to 2016 statistics, approximately 78% of the Americans have a social media profile while around 2 billion people worldwide are active social networking users. Quite naturally, marketing on the social media platform is fruitful in terms of return on investments. Therefore, social media ad campaigns have the power to strengthen your brand image but if done incorrectly, these can also cause devastating impact. Here are the top four fatal social media ad campaigns that you need to avoid in order to succeed in the complex competitive digital world:

1.    Not Identifying Your Target Audience


Not identifying your target audience is a horrifying mistake. Any advertisement is useless unless it reaches out to those people who are interested in knowing about the product or the services. Utilizing the insights and audience optimization tools are some of the useful Facebook advertising tips that you need to grasp in order to deliver well-crafted content to the preferred audience. You can now also run lead generation ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, which enables the people to show their interests by giving information through forms. Businesses can use that information to follow up the interested audiences for running highly targeted ad campaigns.

2.    Having No Strategy

Marketing without a plan is another way your campaigns can wreck havoc on your business entity. The main thing to realize here is that you social media profile must not be treated in a fashion you treat your personal profile. Firstly, you need to set your goals. Then, you need to learn who is displaying aresponsive behavior towards your social media page or profile. You need to use analytics tool, which is available on a host of social media platforms efficiently. Frame your ad campaigns around the needs of your audience. Personalize and customize the content before publishing.

3.    Not Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for the Ad Campaigns

Yes, it is one of the mistakes that you need to avoid to run successful campaigns. You need to understand the demographics of the various social media platforms before selecting your own medium for the advertisement of your products and services. You can make use of both Instagram and Facebook to boost the ad campaigns. Pinterest is a great platform for advertising household related items and it is a popular social networking for online shopping. Snapchat may be an ideal platform for targeting millennials and Generation Z. Facebook, obviously is the king of all types of ad campaigns and promotions because of its immense popularity. LinkedIn thrives in the entrepreneurial and employment related activities but is a great platform for campaigns even for bloggers, journalists, and copywriters..

4.    Using the Hashtags Incorrectly on Different Social Media Platforms

Hashtags have truly revolutionized social media. These are a great way to discover updates about the things you may be interested in on the public networks. Using hashtags correctly can significantly enhance the impact of your ad campaigns. The trending hashtags on Twitter can be seen on the left side of the stream. Do not use more than two hashtags Facebook if you want to boost your organic reach. You can use several hashtags on Instagram. You can also learn to use hashtags on LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.


Protecting Your Phone

As smartphones have gotten both more expensive and more common, there have been a number of attempts at protecting the small computer that is unlucky enough to be carried everywhere that we go. One of the earliest solutions was a simple plastic screen cover that would protect from coins, keys, and not much else. When it became clear that a fall of several feet could easily prove fatal a jump was made to bulky cases that were protective, if inconvenient. Now as phones are becoming slimmer and sleeker every generation, the trend is starting to revert to more minimalistic cases that often leave the entire face of the device open.

Fortunately, with this trend back towards more open cases that retain the original feel of the device, screen protectors have made a return with a whole new form. Tempered glass screen protectors are some of the toughest and most resilient protections that are available for your phone. In addition to being significantly thicker than their plastic cousins, they are made out of the same material as the screen which leaves no noticeable difference in use or feel other than the edges. In combination with a minimal case, you can get complete protection without having a device unrecognizable from the one that came out of the box.

The biggest advantage that the tempered glass screen protectors bring is definitely in the drop. Plastic protectors will still prevent most scratches from getting through, but a drop onto something or something dropping onto it will experience little to no resistance from the plastic. Glass, on the other hand, will crack in the event of a heavy impact and significantly reduce the amount of force that can go through to the screen. Of course, in a hard enough impact there won’t be anything that could have saved your poor phone from death, but for everything else glass essentially provides an additional easily replaceable screen to take the hit instead of the entire phone.

Ultimately, there are more than a few solutions to phone protection. For those of us that have trouble keeping a phone alive for at least a year, a completely enclosed, unbreakable case might be for the best. But for anyone that does not quite want to live on the edge with a completely unprotected device, tempered glass serves as a nice medium that offers significant protection while still maintaining the precisely engineered form that came out of the box. So, if you want protection that doesn’t take away from the satisfaction of handling the several hundred dollar computer that lives in your pocket, tempered glass may be the way to go.


Retail and Global Payment Services

For anyone in the retail trade, the changes in how customers shop and pay for retail goods is obvious. Online shopping has become a force to reckon with today and if you aren’t part of the solution then you will become part of the problem. With the introduction of global payment services for the retail sector a whole new world of casual online shopping has been introduced. When it comes to higher returns on investments, you just can’t beat this new shopping online method. By staying on top of the latest methods for online payments and making the jump from national to international many retailers are finding the net is the place to be.

New Methods of Payment Abound

Not that long ago the internet was seen as a catalog for retailers. The idea of buying online was dismissed as unsafe and impractical. Today there are numerous methods for paying online for that shirt or pair of shoes you just fell in love with, including third party vendors and in-house services. What works for you depends on your customers buying habits. With cash buying on the way out, plastic credit cards and bank cards growing steadily and online purchases increasing year to year, retailers need to stay aware of changing buying habits. One trend is the growing use of bank cards for smaller purchases. These trends mean that retailers online need to have global payment services that can absorb these costs and still allow customers from anywhere to make that purchase with security and ease.

Smartphones and Global Payment Services

Of course, the biggest shift in the last few years has been the growing use of smartphones for everything from email and texting to maps and shopping. Today’s young smartphone user takes out their phone at the start of the day to check messages and the latest news, leaves it within reach throughout the day for updates and even uses it to purchase last minute buys on the way home. No matter what you sell on the web, if you don’t have a plan to allow them to buy directly from their smartphone you are leaving money on the table. From local merchants who offer easy ordering of groceries they plan to pick up on the way home to world wide industries that discount through social media for impulse buying online, your global payment services portals need to be ready to handle the constant flow of traffic.

Extending the Retail Reach

The latest innovations that make good use of this shift in buying include combining instore buying with online purchasing. Retailers who carry a wide range of goods can have customers view other color options online, order and arrange delivery, all from the retail location. Clothing retailers can install smart devices that show customers accessory options in the dressing room that are ordered as they try on their outfits and are ready for purchase when they step outside the dressing room. All of these innovative uses of the net’s global payment services networks allow retailers to extend their selling reach and help customers make smart purchasing decisions. In the end it is a win-win decision for both parties.